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On September 10, 2018, the City of Lafayette invited PG&E and the CPUC for a special, 3-hour meeting to discuss gas pipeline safety and tree removal in Lafayette. Over 30 passionate residents spoke against tree cutting at this meeting, requesting PG&E do better in managing their pipeline safety projects. 
Based on this public outcry, the CPUC and PG&E committed to working better with residents to continue this discussion outside of the constraints of the city council format and to possibly come up with a plan to address the public's concerns. 
As a result, we've formed the Gas Safety Alliance, a regular meeting group which includes the City of Lafayette, PG&E, CPUC, and a group of residents known as the Gas Safety Task Force. This task force comprises of individuals with backgrounds in technology, catastrophic risk analysis, construction, organizational management, and real estate law. If you'd like to join a meeting of the task force of sit in one of the Alliance meetings, please let us know.
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