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Gallery of PG&E Exposed Pipelines & Spans

In 2018, PG&E reported to the CPUC 14 exposed pipeline locations in Lafayette. When questioned, PG&E said Lafayette has no exposed pipelines. We aim to help document the true extent of exposed pipelines in Lafayette -- here is a partial list of exposed sections and spans.

Ranch Trail

Exposed or Design Span: sagging, coating damage, overhanging trees, unsupported, risk of runoff debris, wildfire, erosion. PG&E eventually studied and remedied by removing nearby vegetation after receiving media attention. 

Twin Canyon Girl Scout Camp


Design Span: unprotected from children play areas, unsupported, trees overhead, scratched coating. 

Border of Twin Canyon Girl Scout Camp and Briones Park


Exposed Pipeline: unmarked as gas pipeline, in loose soil & actively eroding hillside.


Prado Way
Design Span: large oak trees increasingly leaning over span, pipeline angle, near residential homes. PGE eventually removed trees after we brought media attention.

Moraga Blvd.


Design Span: exposed to vandalism, earthquake liquidation zone, High Consequence Area.


Lafayette Moraga Trail
Exposed pipeline replaced
Dec. 2018. 

Why did PG&E prioritize this pipeline replacement over the ones above?

(pics before & during construction)

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